Product Introduction:

1. We make various different kinds of molds, especially making the Styrofoam mould including EPS mold and EPP mold..

2. Our mold material applies the high quality aluminum 6061, T650, 6063, 7050 model.

3. Our mold spray plugs (steam pin hole) use the 7050 high quality aluminum to make and it can work for many years and no need to replace.

4. Our mold can make in different structures such as standard steam chamber, casting steam chamber or three-piece mold, the customers can choose freely according to their requirements.

5. Our mold cooling system all use the high quality copper pipes to make, and the filling guns made from copper material and ejectors with springs made from the 304 stainless steel, we provide different kinds of molds filling guns and ejectors.

6. Our molds all made by CNC making and layer cutting, we can make both common casting and vacuum casting.

7. Our molds all sand blasting and  use the International high quality environmental Teflon painting and lighting casting with three layers.

8. We have a lot of experienced to make molds of the Europe and Koreamachine such as Kurt, Promass, HanYeong and so on, we have cooperated with European and American market for many years.

9. We have a strict complete of mold making process, from samples checking---design drawing---start making---assembly and testing mold---confirm samples----shipment----installation. We keep each step of whole process must be finished in high quality.

10.  We provide different kinds of mold accessories and technology sale after service in a long time.

11.   More Introduction of advantages:

Our company with strong technical force and advanced production and processing equipment, for domestic and foreign customers design and manufacture all kinds of foam molds, the main products for the electrical industry, aquaculture, agricultural industry, construction industry, foundry machinery industry etc..

 1The working principle, working process

Vacuum sealed molding, is a kind of physical modeling, in all kinds of modeling method in the casting, is called the third generation modeling method. It is sealed by a plastic film sand box, and rely on the vacuum pump type air inside the mold, caused by internal and external pressure difference, the dry sand, a physical modeling method to form the desired cavity. Therefore, vacuum sealed molding also known as "negative pressure molding method" or "vacuum molding method". A foreign country English Vacuum (vacuum) a word prefixes, and referred to as the Vacuum method.

The molding process of Vacuum method as follows

1Manufacturing suction box and the air pumping hole template.

2A plastic film plastic state coverage in the plate, vacuum pump gas to make the film forming in the dense paste on the baking plate.

3Sand box with filtering exhaust tube placed in covered plastic film has good template.

4To sand box filling without binder and additional dry quartz sand, the sand compaction by microseism, scraping, sealing film, on opening the valve to sand pumping air in the casting mould, internal and external pressure difference exists (about 300 ~ 400mmHg). Because of the pressure difference makes mold molding and has higher hardness, wet type hardness readings can reach about 95.

5Remove vacuum inside the template, and then draft. Mold will continue to vacuum pouring casting solidification until so far.

6Core, box, pouring.

7For metal solidification, stop casting pumping, internal pressure close to atmospheric pressure, mold is self collapsibility.

2Advantages of Vacuum process modeling

To improve the quality of castings. Smooth surface, clear outline, and accurate size. Mold hardness is high and even, draft easily.

The equipment is simplified, save investment, reduce the cost of repair operation. Omitting some adhesives, additives and sand mixing equipment. Old sand recycling rate in 95% above, the equipment investment is reduced by 30%, the power equipment for wet type 60%, labor 35% reduction.

Mold and sand box and long service life.

High utilization rate of metal. The method of V modeling in the metal, good fluidity, filling ability strong, can cast thin wall part 3mm. Mold hardness high, slow cooling, the use of feeding, reduce the riser size. The process yield increase, reduce machining allowance.

It is conducive to environmental protection. Due to the adoption of dry sand without binder, binder, omitting other casting process and medium sand additions or drying processes, reduce environmental pollution, is a green casting process.