Auto Vertical 3D panel machine

Product Introduction:

3D panelsteel wire rack sandwich panelproduction line

Technical Specifications

1. EPS for panel

1)        Apparent density: 14kg/m³-16kg/m³;

2)        Thickness: 5cm、7cm、8cm、10cm、12cm;

3)        Width: 1206mm±2mm;

4)        Anti-flaming type,Oxygen index≥30%

5)        Length:Nominal size equal to panel length

6)        Cutting acuuracy:

a)         Thickness :nominal size less -2mm;

b)        Length: nominal size less -2mm;

c)         Width: 1206mm±2mm;

d)        The length direction of the diagonal error: 3mm∕3m;

7)        Big panel(refer to 60cm×120cm×600cm panel)must have been more than 7 days time aging treatment;

8)        Panel face shoud be level off, not bended, no rake angle, and not damaged.

9)        Conform to the relevant requirements of the PRC national standard "GB 26540-2011 exterior insulation system with steel-rack molding polystyrene board".

2. Net sheet for panel

1)        Galvanized steel wire for net sheet

i.              Material:low-carbon medium strength steel wire;

ii.              Forming process: twice-drawn cold-galvanizing  process

iii.              Zinc quantity: ≥20g/m ²;

iv.              Mechanical property: tensile strength:650-800MPa , numbers of alternating bending ≥4times∕180°

2)        wire diameter:φ2.2mm-φ2.8mm;

3)        Width of net-sheet: outer edge vertical wire central size:1200mm

4)        Length of net-sheet: Nominal size equal to panel length;2.4m-4.5m

5)        Mesh size: 50mm×50mm (from center of wire to center of wire);

6)        Mesh shear location: 25mm from the center of horizontal wire at one end;

7)        Welding quality of net-sheet: leak welding rate:≤8‰;welding spot strength: ≥800N/spot; Net-sheet level off, bend≤50mm;

8)        Precision of welded-mesh:mesh size 50mm×50mm±0.2mm; Longitudinal center line of the wire: 1200 mm ±0.2mm; The diagonal length of 3m is not more than 3 mm;

9)        Wire coil weight: 50kg±5kg;

10)     Wire coil inner diameter:greater than or equal toΦ450mm;(or according to user requirement)

11)     Wire surface clean and bright, uniform roundness, diameter tolerance±0.03mm;

12)     Other requirements conform to the standard of the PRC "YB/T126-1997 wire for steel-wire rack sandwich panel.

3. Abdominal wire of panel

1)        Galvanized steel wire material property: same as galvanized steel wire for net-sheet

2)        Wire diameter:

Ø  When the EPS thickness is 5cm, 7cm, the abdominal wire diameter is Φ2.5mm;

Ø  When the EPS thickness is 8cm,12cm, the abdominal wire diameter is Φ3.0mm.

4. Technical specification of 3D panel

1)        Panel length(nominal size): 2400mm-4500mm ;

2)        Panel width(EPS size):1206mm±2mm;

3)        Panel thickness:according to EPS thickness

4)        Panel type:3D panel,no edge cutting;

5)        Distance between net sheet and EPS:10mm (distance of both sides from EPS to wire mesh longitudinal wire center)

6)        Abdominal wire (slanting inserted wire) adjustable angle and length:

Adjustable angle: 16°,could satisfy corresponding angle change caused by changes of EPS thickness

Abdominal wire length: 85mm―155mm;

7)        Numbers of abdominal wires: two types≤100pcs∕m²;or≤200pcs∕m²

8)        Abdominal wire horizontal distance: 100mm or 200mm;

9)        Vertical interval:100mm;

10)     Weld spot strength: ≥800       N∕spot

11)     Leak welding rate of Abdominal wire and net sheet: ≤4%;

12)     Vertical wire inward (close to EPS), horizontal wire outward.

5.         The terms mentioned above which involves quantitative parameters could be read as confirmation after the signature and seal of both parties. It cannot be casually changed by any one party. If it is really necessary to change, it should be agreed by another party, and economic responsibility should be held for the change. Various numerical above is nominal size, allowing the actual size have plus or minus 3 mm - 5 mm deviation.

Device configuration and technical parameters

1. Device configuration







Weld flat sheet;wire dia:



Welding machine



Including:25pcs Wiring winches,1 Longitudinal wire alignment frame, 1 Solder resist transformer cabinet ,1 Welding machine main unit ,1 pcs Wire cutting machine,1 PLC Electric control cabinet

Alignment and cutting horizontal wire of net sheet


alignment cutting machine


3 pcs

(including 3 pcs wiring winches)

For Welding machine

Welding 3d panel


Inserted wire machine



Including1pce of inserted wire welding main machine including pre-punch hole mechanism1 pcs of feed-in sheet rack, 2 pcs of roller fame, 1 pcs of Electric control cabinet

Alignment and cutting Φ3 inserted wires


JZI alignment cutting machine



(including 2 pcs wiring winches)

For inserted wire welding machine

Repair welding


spot welder



Note: Screw air compressor (3.0m³min∕0.8MPa )which used for CH-Ⅰ inserted wire welding unit and air storage tank (1.0m³)shall be prepared by userself.

2.         Technical parameters of main device


①Net sheet:Length    2000mm―4500mm,

Width        1200mm(Vertical wire center size) ,

Net mesh    50mm×50mm ;

②Galvnized steel wire dia:Φ2.2mm-Φ2.8mm;

③Welding speed:50steps∕min—55steps∕min(160m ²/min);

④Welding quality:lack welding rate≤8‰;Weld spot strength: ≥800 N∕spot; mesh size dimension deviation±1mm  diagonal deviation≤3mm∕m;

Note: other welding requirement refer to technical specifications confirmation.


①3D panel:Length 2400mm-4500mm,


Thickness(EPS) :5cm、7cm、8cm、10cm、12cm

②Distance between netsheet and EPS:10mm (distance of both sides from EPS to wire mesh longitudinal wire center);

③Diagnoal wire dia:Φ3.0mm;

④Step speed:10―12step∕min;(65m ²/min-70m ²/min)

⑤Welding quality:lack of welding rate≤4%;welding spot strength: ≥800N/spot;

Note: other welding requirement refer to technical specifications confirmation.

3. JZI alignment cutting machineuse for Φ3 diagonal wire

①alignment galvanized wire dia:Φ3mm;

②alignment cutting length:85mm-155mm(use for diagonal wire);


4. JZI alignment cutting machineuse for horizontal wire of net sheet for alignment cutting machine

①alignment galvanized wire dia:Φ2.2mm-Φ2.8mm;

②alignment cutting length:1205mm(use for net sheet horizontal wires);


5.DH25-ⅠSpot welder

①movable type,cable length 1500mm;

②wire dia:Φ3.5mm+Φ3.5mm。

3.         Requirement of raw material

1.         Galvanized steel wire

Ø  property:low-carbon medium strength steel wire;

Ø  Forming process: twice-drawn cold-galvanizing  process;

Ø  Zinc quantity: ≥20g/m ²;

Ø  Mechanical property: tensile strength:650-800MPa , numbers of alternating bending ≥4times∕180°;

Ø  Wire coil weight: 50kg;

Ø  Wire coil inner dia:≥450mm;

Ø  Wire surface clean and bright, uniform roundness, diameter tolerance±0.03mm;

2.       EPS

10)     Apparent density: 14kg/m³-16kg/m³;

11)     Anti-flaming type,Oxygen index≥30%

12)     Cutting acuuracy:

a)       Thickness :nominal size less -2mm;

b)       Length: nominal size less -2mm;

c)       Width: 1206mm±2mm;

The length direction of the diagonal error: 3mm∕3m

Demand for raw materials shall be the responsibility of the user, detailed requirements see appendix.

4.         Electric requirement

1.         Installed capacity:≥250KVA

2.         Electric parameter:380Vthree phase dynamic electricity,frequency50Hz;or according to user's state grid electric parameters

3.         Distance from switch board room to equipment:≤50m

4.         Power line of switch board room to euqipment:cooper core, ≥25mm²

5.         Demand for electricity shall be the responsibility of the user。

5.         Workshop area and plane layout

1.         Workshop for 3d panel production:800m²-1000 m²;

2.         We could provide layout for reference according to user’s workshop;

3.         We provide equipmentfoudation drawing

6.         Other Data

1.         We provice main equipement operation manual;

2.         We provide main equipemtn operationregulation;

Innovations in CH-I steel wire sandwich panel welding machine

The welding machines for steel wire net-rack sandwich panel have two main types: vertical structure type and horizontal structure type. On the international market, many big companies such as EVG Co., (Austria),Covington Co., (USA) ,MONOLITE Co., (Italy)  and many companies inAustralia,South Africa, and etc are all using vertical structure type welding machine. ButSouth Koreaand the most of Chinese companies are using horizontal structure type welding machine.

The CH-I steel wire sandwich panel welding machine (in short CH-I machine) which we designed ourselves have two difference or it could say two innovations of them .

1.         The diagonal inserted wire is not a continuous long wire which is cut after welded and inserted. It is straightened and cut as a short wire in advance, then is putted into a wire box, pinned by wire-threading mechanism to through EPS,then welded on both sides of mesh sheets. It can cancel such mechanisms as the wire winches, cutting-alignment mechanisms of machines.

2.         The CH-I machine although is using vertical structure, but it is different from other vertical structure type ones. The net sheet is cut to be pieces of mesh sheets as required. By this way, users can cancel leveling-mechanisms and cutting-mechanisms of machine. Howerver, the other vertical structure type ones are using a whole continuous net sheet through the machine after be leveled off, then welding them as a panel then cut it off.

Below I will briefly introduce the benefits of these designs.

1. Diagonal inserted wire be cut in advance

Nowadays both vertical structure type and horizontal structure type are using continuous wires which cut after inserted and welded as diagonal inserted wires.

Only CH-I machine is using pre-straightened wire then cut it into short wire, putting it into wire box and pinned by wire-threading mechanism to through EPS then be welded on both sides of mesh sheets. The purpose of this design is to simplify the wire winches and straighten mechanisms and cutting mechanisms on machine.

The advantage is:

1)        The machine structure is more compact and less floor space;

2)        Cancel the cutting mechanism. It can improve the machine speed, reduce failure rate;

3)        In favour of welding big size of steel wire rack sandwich panels and the diagonal inserted wire diameter can be more thicker.In general, when inclined wire diameter is more thanΦ3mm , cut will be very difficult, the failure rate is greatly increased.

4)        The diagonal inserted wire could be welded much closer to the mesh cross point to realize the node welding. That's a big advantage for increased mechanical properties of panel.

2. Vertical structure design using pieces of net sheets

If compare vertical structure and horizontal structure, the vertical structure has following advantages:

1) Can continuous production, high output

The design of the rear panel push up front panel, makes machinery continuous working and production.The production is 30%-40% higher than horizontal type. In addition, we designed pinch instition which is outside machine.It can automatically push benzene panel into the machine, reach the purpose of continuous production, and also reduces the operating personnel.

2) The length of sandwich panel is limitless

When horizontal structure machine in welding ,it needs to put net sheets and EPS core material in special mould frame in advance. Then carry the frame into the machine to welding the panels. So the length specification of the frame might not be too much (related to technology and cost), it makes the length of sandwich panel restricted . Generally it cannot be more than 5m.

But the vertical structure design, no matter use a roll of net sheets or pieces of net sheet, the length of panel basically is not restricted.

3) Convenient operation and maintenance

Vertical structure design makes all the mechanisms on the machine are intuitive. It is easy for operation and maintenance. On the contrary, most mechanisms of the horizontal structure are on the bottom, it is not easy for operation and maintenance.

4) Reduce lack of welding

When diagonal inserted wire of horizontal structure through EPS, the EPS debris will drop on the welding-electrode below which will increase the lack of welding rate. But the vertical structure will avoid this situation and reduce the lack of welding rate. There is no such problem of vertical structure.

The CH type can plug holes on the inclined wire position of the back of EPS board in advance, which reduce benzene plate breakage, thus reducing the leakage rate of the plug wire.Horizontal equipment can't do this, so the inclined wire welding leakage rate of the back side of is as high as 40%.

5) Reduce manpower and labor intensity without using mould frame

Horizontal structure type machine fix the core material of EPS and mesh sheets in the frame mould.The machine drive the frame mould moving to make panels. The installation and disassemble of frame mould will increase manpower and labor intensity.

But vertical structure no matter in using a roll of net sheets or pieces of net sheets, will save this part of labor.

6) Products have higher geometry dimension precision

The frame mould of horizontal structure will not fix EPS core material and net sheets very compact, on the contrary it has a large gap. So the flatness of panel and the gap size between EPS and mesh sheet is not as good as vertical structure.

CH-I machine has good precision in EPS positioning and clamping, which makes the panel geometry size is very good.

The six points above is the common advantage of vertical structure, in addition CH-I machine also has the characteristics of compact structure and small floor space . Because it use pieces of net sheets, the length of the panel can be as long as the net sheets.